Thursday, March 24, 2011


...Julia, Lidia, Chris, Victor, Bob, and David.

I miss them all so much. It's been nearly a month since I've gone from couch-dweller to cubiclite, and it's been rough. I miss watching each of them while sitting on the couch with a cup of coffee in my hands on a sun-drenched morning. Late morning. Probably closer to noon.

Going to sleep is the toughest part. I should be sleeping now, actually. But I just can't shake this night owl business I have going on. In high school I had a really jacked up schedule: got home from school at 4pm or 5pm, slept until 2am, woke up to do homework, shower, eat, then back to school by 7am. I realized then that my favorite time of day is 4am, when no one else is awake and everything is still.

Anyway, I need to cut this short because I really need to get to bed. Some major kudos to the person who can list the last names of my beloved public broadcasting favorites. Speaking of which, the House cut funding for public broadcasting. That is a damn shame--truly. Luckily a very small portion of funding is from the government. Nonetheless, what funding they do and should continue to receive can still be advocated for through the Senate. Please visit and write your Senator.


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  1. i slept the same schedule in high school!!! my mom wanted to kill me because she thought i was suicidal! i feel so close to you.