Monday, February 24, 2014

Sweet Comic Valentine

I had to Google my own blog, which is dumb, because I forgot the title of it. But look what I stumbled across: The Korean Drama Life Test. So, 1. Korean Penchant for Dramatics is clearly a thing. And 2. I scored a mere 65% - Moderately Dramatic. To one person in particular: HA. Only moderate*.

Gabby modeling my Mom's knitting.
I was in Chicago over Valentine's and President's Day weekend for a couple of reasons. The first was because Gabby turned two! There are too many candles on this cake but look at this face! She is so sweet and smart and just my favorite.

Melissa, Mom, Me
The second reason was because my sisters and I were helping our parents move out of their house of 30+ years. We barely scratched the surface and probably just made more of a mess for them to clean. But look at this gem I unearthed. My mom's stunna shades are amazing and I'm pretty sure if I saw that jumper in a store I'd buy it in a heartbeat. Notice that my mom is holding a leash. That was mine - I was a leash kid growing up.

My brother in law said I look
like I'm crying ice or Powerade
And just because we're doing Show & Tell, I have one last picture for you. All I asked was, "can you recommend a good crayon eye shadow for me?" What resulted is Drag Show Queen Bee. I had a pitch black BART ride home because I kept my sunglasses on, lest I scare the little children. What The Hell, Sephora? Interestingly, one of the employees gave me his number because apparently I looked "AMAZINGohmygod?!" at which I wanted to slap him across the face and yell, "ARE YOU BLIND, FOOL?!" Apparently he used to work for MAC and currently does makeup for the strippers at the Hustler Club. Why he wanted my number, I do not know. As I was getting ready to leave, the girl who did my makeup tried really hard to convince me to buy the glitter she used. Can you tell where she put it?

So there you are. Goodnight and enjoy.

*According to the brilliant minds at OkCupid. They obviously have very sophisticated software, so I am confident in this data.