Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tribute to Beef Jerky

I know what you must be thinking: Really? Beef jerky? Those dried out tooth-busting strips of shoe leather? My dad introduced my sisters and I to this oral festivus when we were young and it's stayed in my heart ever since. Not the most sophisticated of culinary treats, no. Mind you, this is the same man who fed his children cans of corned beef hash and corn for breakfast. (The "corn" in "corned beef hash" was a natural cue to combine the two in his mind.) But jerky's salty, it's chewy, portable.. Awesome.

A week ago I ordered 2 lbs of World Kitchens Old Fashioned Beef Jerky from Amazon. I finished it in less than a week. I've gotten over my self-disgust and am officially craving the salty crack again. What's a girl to do? Order more, of course.

This time I got Old Fashioned, Brown Sugar, and Hot and Spicy.