Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just in case

I tend to think about death a lot. Not in a fearful way, but moreso, "I hope I get to do all this before I go!"** As such, I have quite a few thoughts about death that are constantly swimming around inside my head. So, I thought I'd record them down and make a little room for something else.

1. There is a documentary called The Bridge, that captured the suicides of 23 people off the Golden Gate Bridge in 2004. It's an obviously controversial film that shows haunting images, but I thought it was well-made and portrays the subject respectfully.

2. A friend and I were talking about the immortality of online accounts and what happens to Gchats, FB status updates, etc, post mortem. I loathe to think of what happens to (and who can look through) my online existence after I go. We came up with the idea for a "self-destruct" service that once you die, so do your online accounts. Don't steal the idea, we had it first.

3. FYI: No to life-support, I want all my organs to go, and I'd like to be cremated, svp. Ashes are to be distributed in waters all around the world; I'd like to be a world traveler always.

4. I would like a party in memoriam upon my death, to which attendees should be asked to wear two different shoes.

Why? Well, a couple years ago, my co-worker and friend, Samer, came up to me during the middle of the work day with a puzzled look on his face, pointing at my feet asking, "Dude, ok.. is this on purpose??"

I wore two completely different shoes and walked around all day without looking down, apparently.

** The Life List:
-1/2 marathon before 27
-full marathon before 30
-go to cooking school
-make a perfect tiramisu
-make my own noodles from scratch (Chinaman-style)
-be an extra on Law & Order (this one's been around for awhile..)
-go hang-gliding
-cross-country road trip
-learn more languages (Japanese, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, German, Dutch.. ayee)
-write/publish a book