Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Moving my ish from the East side. To a deluxe apartment in the skyyyyy!

I should really watch Good Will Hunting. It's one of those movies that I've had on my long list of "to see's." I've watched a few scenes, but I never sat through the whole thing. Sidenote: I finally saw The Big Lebowski, so stop giving me shit for it. You know who you are. Not that you read this thing..

So, stay with me on this one. I came to the conclusion that I should watch Good Will Hunting because The Perfect Storm was on, and it got me excited for my upcoming trip to Boston. Oh, those Gloucester men. (A postcard from yours truly to the first person who pronounces that correctly. Anyone who knows Bicknell or has had lobstahs on the Cape is ineligible to play.) There are a few movies that do Boston right. Before I give my list, I offer my disclaimer. I am, by no means, a movie buff, and I fully attest that this will be very incomplete: The Verdict, The Boondock Saints, A Civil Action (yay public health!), Love Story, The Departed, Mystic River, The Perfect Storm, and Good Will Hunting! Okay, so The Perfect Storm wasn't in Boston. Same same.

Oh, how I've missed those retahhhhded Boston accents! Walking along the Charles, the mall down Commonwealth, picnics in the Commons, riding the #1 down Mass Ave... er... I take back the last one. Even Sox fans. (Only a little. GO GIANTS! WTF Cubs??)

I'm so happy to be going back. For one, I need a little East Coast fix. But more importantly, this means that I'm finally growing a pair of adult balls and no more of this Nora Has Shit in Four Cities nonsense. After I cross Boston off the list, we are moving right along to Nora Has Shit in Three Cities. Much more manageable, wouldn't you agree? I'm not 100% set on where exactly all my things will be living once they get to SF, but you know, baby steps.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Seriously? November?

I cannot believe that we're already in November. I still feel like I've only just moved to San Francisco, and only, now, beginning to settle into this city. I love wandering down random streets and exploring new neighborhoods. I say "down" but f-ing lord, I will never get used to these hills. Regardless, I think I will always love walking around SF. Over the weekend, Diana and I went to Noe Valley, ate a delish brunch at Pomelo, and spent some quality time at an amazing bookstore, Omnivore, where they specialize in books on food. Heidi Swanson peruses there, apparently. I kept pinching myself and wondering, "wow, is this really my life now?" It couldn't be more perfect.

Wasn't I just bitching about being broke and unemployed? Indeed. But, ta-da, I have a job. Two, in fact! I'm an Executive Assistant at a capital management firm. I went from having no money to watching people play around with it like a game of Monopoly. My other job is as a personal assistant for a delightful professor who travels the globe lecturing on social media and technology. He told me the other day that he's friends with Malcolm Gladwell. This totally beats the time in college that I worked for someone who was friends with Robert McNamara. "Oh, Bobby? We're in the same yoga class." "Uh.. former Sec. of Defense/CMC/World Bank--Robert McNamara? Are we talking about the same guy?"

Anyway, there was a point to this post. The first is that I'm definitely thankful for life's twists and turns. A few weeks ago I was at a low because I really didn't know where or what my next move was going to be. Up until now, there was always a next step: after college, a job presented itself; then grad school; the Philippines, etc. This was the first time that I didn't have that stability, which was confounding and challenging. Ugh, adulthood.

Secondly, I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas in the States! Last year's Thanksgiving in Manila was, hands down, one of the best. Actually, maybe the best. I'm not hoping for this year's to top it or anything. But there's something about celebrating a holiday surrounded by those who understand and share that day with you.

And Christmas! Last year I got to spend it with family in Korea, but it is just not the same. No one scales their condo building in Seoul to put Santa on the roof, and I didn't hear Jingle Bell Rock every four minutes. This year I'll be home with my sisters in Chicago--five Kim's under one roof for a week. Ouf. There will be lots of eye-rolling and "oh my lord, ______ is driving me crazy!" But blizzards, stinging cold wind in your face, digging your car out of a snow pile--you couldn't ask for a more perfect place to be for Christmas! I want to build a freaking snowman on my front lawn, damnit. And walk across a treacherous patch of ice, hoping not to fall on my ass. I can't wait!