Thursday, February 21, 2013

I understand this study completely.

Title: Missed connections: seen but not spoken to: an atlas of where we're (almost) finding love
Author(s): Dorothy Gambrell
Source: Psychology Today: 46.1 (January-February 2013): p112.
I keep harassing my friend, Matt, to please develop my idea for an app: Facebook meets Missed Connections. Let's say you spy a hottie at, oh.. I don't know.. an airport, bus stop, on a cable car, at a coffee shop, airport again*,  but you didn't get a chance to lurk on them for their phone number? Enter in the date/location/etc. and if that other person is looking for you as well, my magical app would generate a list of potential individuals. All you have to do is send an awkward message. "Hi, um.. Any chance that you were on a flight to Pittsburgh..."

*true stories.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The most spinsterish post thus far.

The other day my shrink remarked upon how my life is basically a sitcom. Evidently Catherine is onto something. He said this after I told him how I was plotting to adopt a dog in secrecy and hide the poor thing in my room. According to the lease, we are not allowed to have pets, so I'm fairly certain my roommates would make me give Toby back. If I were home right now I would take a picture of the green collar (complete with "Toby" and my phone number), and upload it to this post as proof of my neuroticism. (Not that you need it, you can just click through these posts.) He was also pointing to the fact that my roommates are married, and that's apparently atypical. I suppose so. But it's nice to have people around, and the rental market in SF right now is really offensive.

However, I am noticing that I am increasingly surrounded by couples. In fact, at the moment all of my friends that I see regularly are coupled up, and that leaves me the odd nth wheel. There was a party that I went to awhile back where I found myself seated at a table, couples to my left, right, and straight ahead, discussing my singledom. "Don't you want to get married? Are your parents divorced? Are you picky?" I'm not sure about that last one. I suppose if "picky" means that you are waiting to meet someone who is compatible with you on various levels, then yes. The new rule that I recently added is that they better be within a 10-mile radius. I am putting blinders and earmuffs on to anyone who lives beyond that.

Anyway, despite the fact that articles from The Atlantic make me wonder why I'm so bad at life (It's not too early to talk about freezing your eggs, The high price of being single in America, Why women still can't have it all), I keep forgetting about my boycott and scroll through them. This recent one wasn't actually too horrific. At least the author considers Edith the most entertaining: Why is this season of 'Downton Abbey' so boring? Everyone's married now.

"I'm also tempted to make old maidish middle sister Edith my new Downton Abbey heroine, particularly as she is in the process of transforming herself into an opinionated lady writer for the Downton Town Crier, or some such publication. Acquitting herself admirably after being jilted at the altar, Edith may have had the line of the season when she declared, "Spinsters get up for breakfast.""

Finally, my niece's first birthday approaches. I'm forever thankful that this little lady was born on Valentine's Day because she will always be my go-to date when I am otherwise unoccupied.