Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I am mad at Anthropologie.

Anytime someone asks, I tell them "I just moved to San Francisco!" But as my little blog here confirms, I've been here a little longer than my self-purported "officially since June 1" date. Apparently I've been here since April, which makes my upcoming April 1 move-in date to my fabulous new apartment very special. It's fabulous. The closet has a window in it. A window.

Let's revisit what I decided my future would hold a year ago: a job, an apartment, a well-stocked kitchen, dog, and a Vespa. My, my, aren't we ambitious? It took me a whole year to put some roots down in San Francisco, and I am appreciative and grateful for how things are coming together. I signed myself up for a Pacific Heights studio, 0.3 miles from Meena, 0.5 miles from Chez Knichards (my current house where I have been playing permanent houseguest), 1.1 miles from Diana, 11.1 miles from my sister, and 2913 miles from Catherine. Sorry, Catherine.

What's with the title, right? Well, in all the excitement over a potential new apartment, I went Type A and researched all of the furniture I wanted for my new pad. Julia recently told me that I'm Type A. "What? Me? No way.. I am so not Type A." After I looked at my spreadsheet, separated by room type, and including such columns as price per unit, shipping, link, etc., I bowed my head in silence to acknowledge that, indeed, I have Type A qualities.

After three in-the-zone days of online research and sifting through my go-to retailers, I came up with a decent list of furniture. If you saw it, you'd be impressed and hire me to organize your life. Just saying. After staring at my screen with dry contacts, I stumbled across the Anthropologie site. I never shop here--mostly because I can't afford a bar of soap from here. But apparently they've done their market research on me and already sells everything I want. And/or they should hire me as a buyer because I guess their customers just want everything I want.


Overstock, Manchester Club Chair, $308     Anthropologie, Lunet Chair, $1698

Pottery Barn, Adrienne Bed, $549     Anthropologie, Marigold Bed, $1298

HDC, Holbrook End Table, $249     Anthropologie, Decker End Table, $248

HDC, Holbrook Console Table, $379     Anthropologie, Decker Console Table, $398

HDC, Holbrook Coffee Table, $369     Anthropologie, Open House Coffee Table, $1,198

Target, Glass Accent Table, $80   Target, Mirrored Console Table, $210   Anthropologie, Mirrored Dresser, $1298

Craigslist, Reclaimed Wood Bookshelf, $650     Anthropologie, Decker Bookshelf, $698

What the HEEZY, right? Bah, I really dislike that I am exactly like everyone else and that the individually selected pieces of furniture I thought were eclectic and/or interesting are being sold in one store. No bueno.

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  1. We are the same person. I had the exact Antropologie realization a few weeks ago when I was buying a new duvet cover. Case and point:

    $139 Pink Duvet from Bed Bath and Beyond

    $228 Pink Duvet from Antropologie

    Congrats on the new place though my dear! I am so excited for you :)