Sunday, January 9, 2011

Surround yourself with good people.

That's what's keeping me in San Francisco. I have people whom I love and miss all over the world, but there are some core people who are sustaining me, one brunch/hookah/coffee at a time. Of course, there are others of you, who I haven't seen in months or years, and yet we manage to keep in touch via phone/email/gchats/skype dates. This is a small thank you to everyone who has given me a hug, in person or virtual. You know who you are.

I'm all emotional and thankful for my friends because I just watched an incredibly touching movie called Dear Zachary. I don't want to say much about the film because I think it's important to experience your emotions as the story unfolds without any prior knowledge. But in its simplest form, the film was made for a boy to learn about his deceased father by the father's best friend. If you do watch it, available online*, be prepared to be "feel feelings," as Meena always puts it. Thanks for the recommendation, Greg.

*The stream will cut you off after a certain amount of minutes, so if you are ok with waiting for the 30-minute break, view it online. Otherwise I'd add it to your Netflix queue or grab the DVD from somewhere else.

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