Thursday, December 23, 2010

"Your mom's a warrior."

I'm writing this on my phone, individually typing each letter with my index finger. If something comes out strangely, I'm blaming it on auto-correct. Http:// If I knew how to link that in via phone I would have..

Here it is, another entry about my mom.

She was mugged last week. The guy beat her up a little and ended up taking her bag. She is having trouble sleeping and my sisters, dad and I are trying to be accommodating to her needs.

Here's the thing.. While we understand that she needs a little extra tlc right now, Queen Bee Kim is taking it a little far. When the phone rings she has one of us answer it to tell the caller what happened and to "try her cell phone because she is at the hospital." Of course when she answers her phone, her voice is a smidge quieter and more shaky than 5 seconds prior. Her neck brace and sling come off at home. And we are all spending this holiday season as an entourage of chauffeurs and nurses.

In all of this, I am amazed by and wonder where my dad's patience comes from. It almost borderlines "enabler"--everytime my mom blinks her eyes for one demand or another, he's right there taking care of her. He literally cuts up my mom's meat for her.

I feel like the last bit needs background. During the assault she tried to bite off the dude's finger (when I heard this I applauded her and now understand her appreciation for UFC fights) so her teeth have been bothering her. She drives me crazy but I do admit that I admire her feistiness and the fact that she tried to mangle the jerk. Apparently he was an intimidatingly big guy.

The officer who helped my mom stopped by to check on her. He said at first he was worried the blood all over her was hers and then he realized it was his and he gave her props. She may look small, but this lady is a tough nugget.

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