Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Moving my ish from the East side. To a deluxe apartment in the skyyyyy!

I should really watch Good Will Hunting. It's one of those movies that I've had on my long list of "to see's." I've watched a few scenes, but I never sat through the whole thing. Sidenote: I finally saw The Big Lebowski, so stop giving me shit for it. You know who you are. Not that you read this thing..

So, stay with me on this one. I came to the conclusion that I should watch Good Will Hunting because The Perfect Storm was on, and it got me excited for my upcoming trip to Boston. Oh, those Gloucester men. (A postcard from yours truly to the first person who pronounces that correctly. Anyone who knows Bicknell or has had lobstahs on the Cape is ineligible to play.) There are a few movies that do Boston right. Before I give my list, I offer my disclaimer. I am, by no means, a movie buff, and I fully attest that this will be very incomplete: The Verdict, The Boondock Saints, A Civil Action (yay public health!), Love Story, The Departed, Mystic River, The Perfect Storm, and Good Will Hunting! Okay, so The Perfect Storm wasn't in Boston. Same same.

Oh, how I've missed those retahhhhded Boston accents! Walking along the Charles, the mall down Commonwealth, picnics in the Commons, riding the #1 down Mass Ave... er... I take back the last one. Even Sox fans. (Only a little. GO GIANTS! WTF Cubs??)

I'm so happy to be going back. For one, I need a little East Coast fix. But more importantly, this means that I'm finally growing a pair of adult balls and no more of this Nora Has Shit in Four Cities nonsense. After I cross Boston off the list, we are moving right along to Nora Has Shit in Three Cities. Much more manageable, wouldn't you agree? I'm not 100% set on where exactly all my things will be living once they get to SF, but you know, baby steps.

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