Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Public Asian Announcement

I was all smiley this morning because on my way to work, three different people offered to give up their seats to strangers on the bus ride. This, in comparison to South Korean middle-aged men pushing me out of the way to get onto the bus first, was a very welcome change. Oh, San Francisco, how many ways do I love thee?

However, I would like to send out a general message. As you all know, I am vertically-challenged at the very Asian stature of 5'2". Ok, 5'1.5", but who's counting? As such, I do not enter into the sightline of most people above 5'7" (give or take). Please, look around you. Make sure you aren't trampling an Asian person. We, too, have personal space bubbles. And when you're gripping the handrail on the bus and your armpit just so happens to be face-level with us, it's very awkward--particularly on crowded morning commutes with lots of jostling and braking.

Thank you.

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  1. LOL~ "make sure you aren't trampling an Asian person"!!!!!!!