Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bakesale Betty's.. again

On my second BSB visit, two amusing happenings: As I've mentioned, I dabble in the world of lingerie. I am working my way towards certification as a fit specialist. The other day a girl stopped in at our department and I spent some quality time with her. For those of you who have never been properly fitted for a bra, this means shirt off, I get to second base, and I find you the bras you need. I have already developed an awkward habit of staring at strangers' breasts and guessing measurements. Now, I'm sure this is going to start happening on the regular, but it was mildly uncomfortable when I bumped into this girl at BSB's. "Uh..  hi. I'm Nora. We met yesterday.. how are you..?" Bless her soul, she was friendly, we exchanged pleasantries, and we both went on our merry ways. I hope she's happy with my recommendations.

Part deux: Oh my word. BSB has a to-die-for strawberry shortcake that I can fall asleep face-first in. Diana, Romy, and I each picked up a fried chicken sandwich with a strawberry shortcake to share. Minutes after we sit down to our sandwiches, Father Christmas (aka, Derrick?) walks up to the row of outdoor ironing board tables (this place is awesome) and hands out strawberry shortcakes like they're condoms at a Pride Parade! (This weekend, can't wait! I love this city!) We went from sharing one shortcake to having four. What a day, what a meal.