Thursday, March 11, 2010

Just in case

I tend to think about death a lot. Not in a fearful way, but moreso, "I hope I get to do all this before I go!"** As such, I have quite a few thoughts about death that are constantly swimming around inside my head. So, I thought I'd record them down and make a little room for something else.

1. There is a documentary called The Bridge, that captured the suicides of 23 people off the Golden Gate Bridge in 2004. It's an obviously controversial film that shows haunting images, but I thought it was well-made and portrays the subject respectfully.

2. A friend and I were talking about the immortality of online accounts and what happens to Gchats, FB status updates, etc, post mortem. I loathe to think of what happens to (and who can look through) my online existence after I go. We came up with the idea for a "self-destruct" service that once you die, so do your online accounts. Don't steal the idea, we had it first.

3. FYI: No to life-support, I want all my organs to go, and I'd like to be cremated, svp. Ashes are to be distributed in waters all around the world; I'd like to be a world traveler always.

4. I would like a party in memoriam upon my death, to which attendees should be asked to wear two different shoes.

Why? Well, a couple years ago, my co-worker and friend, Samer, came up to me during the middle of the work day with a puzzled look on his face, pointing at my feet asking, "Dude, ok.. is this on purpose??"

I wore two completely different shoes and walked around all day without looking down, apparently.

** The Life List:
-1/2 marathon before 27
-full marathon before 30
-go to cooking school
-make a perfect tiramisu
-make my own noodles from scratch (Chinaman-style)
-be an extra on Law & Order (this one's been around for awhile..)
-go hang-gliding
-cross-country road trip
-learn more languages (Japanese, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, German, Dutch.. ayee)
-write/publish a book


  1. Haha I love the idea for your memorial. I would enjoy picking out my two different shoes... except I hope it never happens while I'm alive! Good old Samer, haha.

    The self-destruct online accounts idea is interesting. I have thought about what would happen too, but also had the thought that what if people in your life needed to find the contacts for other people to notify, etc... and you only had all this info in your online accounts. Something to think about. Perhaps add to your self-destruct idea a way of at least providing all the contact and other info that could be needed after your untimely demise. ;-)

    And I like your list. You should do a separate list of things you've already done that you'd wanted to do before you die - like skydiving!! Then you feel accomplished too.

    Love, Abby :-)