Thursday, February 25, 2010

Billy Kim

My parents love telling me my "where I came from" story. As one version goes, I was the troll they found under a bridge. (Seriously.. they told me that all the time). The other one is about how they were told I'd be a boy, but lo and behold, I entered the world sans 5th appendage.

In honor of my would-be name, I am channeling my inner Billy. If I were a man, I'd frame this and grab a pint with these guys. And then I'd aspire to be this man.

Speaking of men, I learned a little something about my paternal grandfather. I never met the man because he died when my dad was 3. My paternal grandmother died around the same time, so the only thing I've known about them was what they looked like from the painted portraits at my uncle's house. Well apparently, my great-grandfather was a wealthy man who educated his 4 children (Gramps was the eldest) in the nouveau Western tradition. Gramps was a ladies man who gambled away the family money, liked the drink a little too much, and had a few run-ins with gangsters. Grandma was arranged wife #2 who came from the country, so they didn't exactly get each other.

I really wish I could have met my grandparents. I've only ever met one, and that wasn't enough time.

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  1. oh man, me too. i bet we're like, half-cousins somehow. your degenerate grandfather sounds exactly like my degenerate grandfather.