Thursday, February 21, 2013

I understand this study completely.

Title: Missed connections: seen but not spoken to: an atlas of where we're (almost) finding love
Author(s): Dorothy Gambrell
Source: Psychology Today: 46.1 (January-February 2013): p112.
I keep harassing my friend, Matt, to please develop my idea for an app: Facebook meets Missed Connections. Let's say you spy a hottie at, oh.. I don't know.. an airport, bus stop, on a cable car, at a coffee shop, airport again*,  but you didn't get a chance to lurk on them for their phone number? Enter in the date/location/etc. and if that other person is looking for you as well, my magical app would generate a list of potential individuals. All you have to do is send an awkward message. "Hi, um.. Any chance that you were on a flight to Pittsburgh..."

*true stories.

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