Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Mother again.

For starters, I've changed the title of this blog. My intent was to redesign it as well and do a whole big Tada! but.. meh.

The reason for the change is that for the past year, I've been lying. I have been seeing a therapist, and praise Allah, he's fantastic. If you have ever wondered about what it might be like, go find one, spill your beans, and let the magic happen.

The other reason for the change is that the more I discuss my life happenings with friends, the more we are convinced that my life is Made-for-TV. And because I cannot explain how and why am I such a mess, I'm just going blame it on my Koreanness, and that my people have a penchant for the dramatics.

Case in point: the New Year's phone call from my mother:

Mom: Good morning, Yuree. Happy New Year!
Me: Hi umma, Happy New Year!
Mom: Hm, I'm sorry you woke up alone. You must be lonely.
Me: ...
Mom: Don't worry, good things will happen this year.
Me: Yes, I'm sure they will. I'm gonna go now.
Mom: Okay, byeee! I lub you.

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