Friday, November 2, 2012

Koreans are scary.

I rarely watch scary movies because I'm one of those individuals who replays images in their heads, re-scares themselves, and then ducks under the covers to hide (which only makes it worse, btw). Nonetheless, for Halloween, my roommate and I watched a CREEPY Korean movie called A Tale of Two Sisters. Why are my people so good at making messed up movies?!? I only saw 70% because I was covering my face with a blanket through most of it. Actually, make that 60%. For a good portion, I wasn't even facing the screen, and only glanced at it through my peripheral vision. I'm a big baby - I am owning this.

Anyway, I thereafter realized my missed opportunity. I have an appointment tonight to cut off my hair. Right now it's halfway down my back, and by tonight, I will look like a 7-year-old boy. After watching the movie, I saw that I have all the makings for a Korean movie ghost: long creepy hair, bitchface, and glaring eyes. The only thing I need is a white gown. This almost makes me want to keep my hair for Halloween 2013.

I searched for some images on Google for those of you who may not be familiar with the Korean gwishin. I happened to find one of me at work on a good day.

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