Sunday, July 8, 2012


Since graduating from college I've moved at least once a year. DC (Chinatown, Woodley Park), Boston, Manila, Seoul, SF (Lower Haight, Lower Pacific Heights). This is the first time that I've been in one apartment for longer than a year. I'm getting antsy.

At first I thought it would be nice to put down roots and commit to a place (and to be truthful, San Francisco continues to amaze me every day), but I very clearly am a commitment-phobe (in many aspects of my life, unfortunately). I'm working on it.

Thank you, New York Times, for publishing an article on Chicago that only adds to my flightiness. I hinted at an opportunity to move in a previous post; the move would have been to go back home. I was just there for work a few weeks ago, and was reminded of how beautiful and lovely the city is. The architecture, the neighborhoods, the hospitality - it was all so good. I have mixed feelings at how things turned out, but I'll chalk it up to growing pains.

I also blame Ruth Reichl for my itchiness. She filmed a series back in 2009 called Adventures with Ruth, where she learns fly-fishing in the Smokies, bread-baking in Bath, the cuisines and cultures of China, Brazil, Morocco - they're fantastic. If money was of no concern and I could choose my dream life, this is it.

Another article from the Sunday Times described so-called "Offbeat Tour" websites that feature personally-guided tours around the world: Canaryhop, Gidsy, Sidetour, Vayable. If I can't have Ruth's life, I guess I can always cough up some money and pretend to be her.

I'll add one last website to this mix. Tripierge - this guy is a delight.

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