Wednesday, May 4, 2011

In- and semi-significant life updates

1. Apartment is lovely, though I still don't have a bed. That's a spicy purchase, and I'm not ready to make such a big commitment. Also, I tried to hang a mirror, which unfortunately came crashing down off the wall onto my second-hand store wooden tray. The tray probably isn't worth much, but I love it, and now it has a chipped toof. Next to my cracked jewelry dish that broke into pieces and subsequently glued lovingly back together with some Elmer's, my belongings are starting to look a little janky.

2. Fleet Feet is kind of awesome. I went into the store to finally get some big girl running shoes, and they were so helpful. Apparently my feet are shrinking from a size 6 to a size 4.5. What the ish? I have feet nubbins. No wonder why I can't do my one-legged yoga stands well--all I have are stumps to balance on. But after putting on the right-size shoe, I definitely felt the difference. And considering the McHotties running around that store, I might have to invest some time into actually running so I have another excuse to walk in there and ogle.

3. Sister's wedding is in less than a month, which means that I get to spend Memorial Day weekend in Chicago! It's one of my favorite times of the year to be in my hometown. Can't wait for some friends and family time, to tie another 4,265,345 bows, to eat some Potbelly's, and watch my sister say her "I do's." On the flip side, as soon as that ring is slipped onto her finger, my mother's hawkish eyes will likely be scanning the crowd for any and all single bachelors at this wedding. Guh. Of the woman's many talents, I have to admit that this Korean yente's ability to sniff out a single man within a 30-mile radius is impressive.

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