Thursday, January 27, 2011

(Hayes) Valley of the Twenty-Something Guys

I really hate to say it. I promise. But life is pretty much an episode of Sex and the City right now. I depend on my friends for everything. I can't dress myself anymore without consulting my roommate. I don't make love or life decisions without considerable input from the Council (of Heifers). I have too many shoes, way too many bills, and I'm perched on my bed, writing my estrogen-soaked thoughts on my Mac. You know that thing Carrie does as she's thinking, where she licks the corner of her mouth as she looks off into the distance? Doing it right now.

There's an SATC episode* where Carrie and Samantha play in the 20-something sandbox. Whatthehell I feel like I'm stuck in a Twilight Zone SATC. I don't know what it is, but if you want to feel like a cougar, move to San Francisco. Since living here, I've only met guys who are my age or younger than me. (With the exception of one 43-year old man. Er. No, thank you.) And I'm not alone. Within approximately four hours of moving here, Meena snatched herself a younger man. This "child prodigy" is a quite a catch--I expect nothing less from our lovely Filipindian. But we can't help but wonder what happened to all the 28 to 32-year olds? The must-have/must-be list is getting longer by each dating experience, and this kiddie pool of men is not exactly what I had in mind. But you work with what you've got, right? Meena and I have been making the most of our made-for-TV circumstances. I will say this: it's kind of nice dating younger guys because they haven't quite had the chance to become full-blown douchebags yet. That's always a plus.

Nonetheless, if you are out there, 28-yo Sufjan Stevens or Joshua Radin look-a-like (or actual..), holler. I have some friends who would be interested in meeting you.

*Not to be forgotten: Diana's in this episode too ;)

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