Sunday, October 3, 2010

No, thanks. I'm on a "diet."

My friend, Norene, and I were just having a conversation about being broke and the things we've had to do/give up as a result. I'm going into penny-pincher mode, so my meals now are going to be "creative." Case in point, I just made up a concoction of rice, baked beans, and Sriracha. Oddly enough, it tasted like this one Korean dish called kimchi jjigae--all it was missing were slices of hot dog. (We're talking the ghetto man-version of kimchi jjigae that my dad would make us.) I have to say, not one of the prouder moments in my culinary life, but it wasn't like I had to choke it down. I kind of enjoyed it.

Norene's tightening up the purse strings too:

norene: i know
when i was in hawaii, i knew i would come back not having enough money for my own expenses
not enough to do laundry
so i took some coins from my mom
oh noooo
norene: and brought towels back
norene: starving for lunch, accepting friends' leftovers
norene: not saying anything when a coworker asks "do you want anything from the cafe?"
eating nuts that were supposed to be a gift, but eating them yourself
hahhaah, dammit!
norene: oh well. maybe this is the perfect time to fast?
me: no, b/c even then you'd have to get those damn lemons
this is when i'll learn about "portion control" so i can make one meal into two
norene: mannn
or only eat brunch or lunch/dinner
me: that's prob why i wake up so late now. my mind is telling me "you can avoid having three meals if you wake up at 11"
norene: exactly, then sleep early
norene: at least i know i'll have free breakfast at the farmer's market
norene: u can never get enough free fruit samples
norene: i do it EVERY wed
they still haven't caught on
ohhh and sometimes there'll be companies that give out sample bars
like a few weeks ago, they were giving free granola bars
freaking saved me

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