Thursday, January 7, 2010

Not your granny's panties

It makes me very uncomfortable when the maid hands me my folded underwear. At least the laundry people in Manila hid my thongs and whatnots in between layers of shirts and bed sheets. It was our little "I know your panties are in there, but I'm going to spare you some dignity" secret.

Yes, the maid does my laundry. The nanny (not mine, would be nice though) prepares my lunch. For the next three months, I'll live with my cousin and her family in their posh condo in the center of Seoul. She's an investment banker, he works in securities (I still don't even know what that means), and together they pity me for my career path in the non-profit world.

This is quite a nice change from the past five months in Manila. Don't get me wrong, we lived fairly comfortably in Manila, too. But I went from makes-you-feel-dirty humidity and 87 degrees to the largest snowstorm in Seoul since 1937! And last week we went on holiday (yes, trying to sound pompous) to Yong Pyong, a ski resort 2 hours north of the city. From a beach resort to a ski resort within two weeks... This isn't me bragging, it's me trying to savor every last ounce of easy living. I am very aware that I'll be living off of saltines and gum when I move to SF.

Anyway, allow me to introduce Diana, Julie, and Meena's understudies.

Jeffrey, 12
Erin, 8
Casey, 7
Harin, 15 months

These little munchkins keep me busy, especially the littlest one, who, every chance she gets, runs towards my laptop to push buttons and cause mayhem.

My goals for the next three months:
1. Stop getting sick hanging out with these munchkins
2. Learn Korean
3. Find some good Ghanel and Praba bags
4. Learn how to cook Korean food
5. Not freeze to death from my lack of winter clothes

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