Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lucky No. 7

I was just looking through my calendar, and noted the beginning of my countdown back to the States. As of Feb 1, I have 7 weeks. That is, 7 weeks until I can stop fudging on my resume that I'm an "advanced" Korean speaker, 7 weeks of blissful worry-free living, and 7 weeks of all-you-can-eat kimchee. My aunt made some bomb kimchee.

On the flip side, here's what I'm looking forward to most going back to the US:
1. Apple cinnamon oatmeal: I've searched high and low for it, and nothing. Really, Korea? A Bennigan's but no instant oatmeal?? And in other related news, muesli is $15-$20/bag. WTF!
2. Chipotle burritos and/or Potbelly sandwiches: Dying for each.

     Barbacoa beef with black beans, red tomatillo salsa, pico de gallo,
     lettuce, corn, cheese in a burrito bol + chips and guac + a Diet Coke

     Turkey on wheat with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, extra hot peppers
     + that irresistible chocolate chip oatmeal cookie + a cup of water
     (hey, they give it to you in a legit cup, not serve yourself over there
     w/ a dixie cup and pitcher on top of the trash can)

     BTW: Chipotle is no longer a part of McDonald's as of 2006! Yay I
     can hold my head up high as I shove a burrito in my face.

3. Cooking again! Unfortunately this requires a major schleppage of my belongings from 7 places in 5 cities (I don't know what I was on when I thought this was a good idea, but it must have been good) to SF. But once I get my beloved kitchen gear back in one place, I'm gonna COOK.
4. Alone. Time. I am very much the product of my parents. I can generally talk to whomever and strike up a conversation (Mama). But when I don't want to be around people, I hibernate (Pops).
5. Seeing people I haven't seen in awhile: 9 months is a long time.
6. Life on the West Coast! Hopefully I can get a job and stick around for a little while. Otherwise, my cousins want me back in Korea tout suite.

Should any of the above interest you (sans #4, obvi) and you would like to spend time with yours truly, 7 weeks :)

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